H-mont d.o.o., construction and industrial assembly.
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H –mont d. o. o. consists of a team of excellent and very experienced employees who have been doing this
work on local and foreign markets for several years.
The company on average employs 50 workers of different profiles and qualifications. The largest part of the company consists of welders, locksmiths, plumbers and electricians. All welders are A tested and tested by
the welding engineer in compliance with the welding standards and they are all qualified for the following
welding procedures: TIG, MIG/MAG and electro-metal arc welding.
All employees are citizens of the European Union. This is of crucial importance for the company, especially
in case of doing business abroad, because there are no long lasting inconveniences with the local
government at gaining work and living permits.
We at H -mont d. o. o. company are aware that knowledge is the basic driving force of our time and a base
for success and safety of every individual. Therefore we assure our employees additional education and
We are aware that satisfied and loyal employees are our most important factors without which is very hard
or even impossible to satisfy clients and therefore we have created a pleasant work environment and relaxed atmosphere where everybody can show their best.
Professionally trained, experienced, loyal and highly motivated employees are our guarantee for technical, deadline and organisational perfection of all our projects.




H-mont d.o.o.
Celjska cesta 07
3250 Rogaška Slatina

Tel. 00386-(0)-819 11 22
Fax. 00386-(0)-819 11 23
E -mail: komerciala@h-mont.si


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