H-mont d.o.o., construction and industrial assembly.
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About us
The beginnings of our company go back to 2004. In the previous years of our operation we created a recognisable name of fast growing, successful, flexible and penetrating partner for most demanding customers.
We act on global level as bidder of various project, assembling, construction and machine services. Most of our references come from the EU member countries. We can also praise ourselves with several successfully finished projects from other parts of the world (the United Arab Emirates , the United States of America , Jamaica ,
India ...).
We are a company that strives for progress and we are aware of the meaning of modern trends, developing technology in adapting to constant changes on the market.

    Our basic developmental goals are:
                               Complete satisfaction of our customers,
                               Long-term cooperation based on trust and strategic integration with our business partners,
                               Firm positioning of our company and our services on the market,
                               Ensuring safe work places,
                               Loyalty and satisfaction of our employees
                               Company expansion on the level of activity as well as on the market level and
                               Constant and controlled growth.






H-mont d.o.o.
Celjska cesta 07
3250 Rogaška Slatina

Tel. 00386-(0)-819 11 22
Fax. 00386-(0)-819 11 23
E -mail: komerciala@h-mont.si


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