H-mont d.o.o., construction and industrial assembly.
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How do we operate
The main characteristic of our approach on the market is based on high quality of executed services. Our motto is striving for excellence which is built on the basis of years of experience, rich technical knowledge and professional attitude toward work. We approach every assignment, no matter how small it is, with strict professionalism, accuracy, conscientiousness and dedication.
The employees who are in charge of organisation and planning of the projects are included in the projects in the phase of negotiations. Because of this each individual project is professionally treated on the basis of wide technical knowledge. This kind of work enables preconceived prevention of problems which could appear in the individual execution phases.
Basic values we follow at our work are: quality, meeting deadlines, professionalism, accuracy, cooperation, satisfaction of employees and responsibility for the environment.
We try to build a mutual relationship that is based on mutual trust, respect and understanding with all our customers.







H-mont d.o.o.
Celjska cesta 07
3250 Rogaška Slatina

Tel. 00386-(0)-819 11 22
Fax. 00386-(0)-819 11 23
E -mail: komerciala@h-mont.si


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