H-mont d.o.o., construction and industrial assembly.
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The mission of H -mont d. o. o. company is executing high quality services in the field of designing,
engineering, installation (metal constructions, robotics, climatic and air-conditioning systems, pipelines,
car, technical goods…), maintenance and refit of energetic and industrial structures, welding,
construction and engineering.
At realising our mission we strive towards excellence, which we build based on experience, knowledge
and professional attitude toward work. With high level of quality we strive for fulfilment of our first and
basic goal – complete fulfilment of needs, demands and wishes of our customers.
Our mission also includes caring for our employees. We are aware that satisfied and loyal employees
are our most important factors without which is very hard or even impossible to satisfy clients and
therefore we have created a pleasant work environment and relaxed atmosphere where everybody
can show their best.




H-mont d.o.o.
Celjska cesta 07
3250 Rogaška Slatina

Tel. 00386-(0)-819 11 22
Fax. 00386-(0)-819 11 23
E -mail: komerciala@h-mont.si


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